Renewables Marketing Agency

Renewable Energy Marketing Agency: An industry rife with misinformation, rapid advancement and gulfs in knowledge across the infrastructure channel. We deliver B2B marketing services to drive renewable energy adoption and progress.

Marketing Strategy

Hands-on and free-thinking marketing strategy that gets to grips with where you are now and plots the path with positioning & messaging, brand and content strategy to land your success.

Creative Services

No matter how you slice it, delivering your vision demands attention-grabbing and brilliant content, coupled with a top-notch website that snags your audience, spoils them with valuable goodies, and ultimately seals the deal on sales.


Things get real: B2B performance marketing is where you make good on your marketing goals. You need on-point processes and the right tools in the hands of skilled-up people to deliver leads and hit KPIs. Find out how we do it.

We have the Renewable Energy Institutes Masters Certification.

We undertook an 18-month (280 CPD hour) course on finance, project management and technology in renewable energy solutions. Here's the areas we know a few things about:

  • Solar photovoltaic

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Biomass

  • Combined heating and storage

  • Energy storage solutions

  • Solar water heating

  • Wind, wave and hydro

  • Electrics in renewables

The Perfect Partnership

Genius Energy Lab - GSHP design experts

80% of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) projects are shelved due to wrongly applied rules of thumb. We're working with Genius Energy Lab to improve knowledge, engagement and deployment of GSHP throughout the infrastructure channel.

GEL Case Study Image
"Sometimes you get lucky in business, and for me working with Andy and the team feels just like that. From the first proposal from them to outline how they could help through to us reaching a point very quickly where the work is making an impact, my experience of working with them has been exemplary. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Richard Davis

CEO, Genius Energy lab

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One of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in the South West! Punching above their weight, the experienced Wildtribe team are an absolute pleasure to work with, always going above and beyond to deliver outstanding work.

Jaime Stenning

Head of Marketing

B2B Customer Journey Audit

Breaking new ground in B2B customer mapping, Wildtribe's in-depth analysis of fifteen global brands helps you discover what works and what doesn't in B2B digital journeys.

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