Launching a new AI-driven solution to the international financial market

EmergeGen is an AI-driven company whose unique solution is to set new data standards to enhance global data collaboration, data governance, and regulatory compliance across financial, asset management, and insurance services. 

Our experience working with global start-ups and the tech sector led to our partnership with this ambitious and innovative international team.

EmergeGen Ai

What was happening

EmergeGen came to us in stealth mode - poised to launch their new AI solution, which can revolutionise data search and retrieval, governance and monetisation across the world’s largest corporations. 

They needed to rapidly develop marketing and communications to support clear and concise high-level conversations with these global players - and were looking for assets built from the ground up: brand and website, sales material and social communications. 

They asked Wildtribe to:

  • Refine their central proposition - and make it understandable for a non-data expert.
  • Create a new brand design to match the innovation of the business.
  • Design, write and develop a new website fit for the tech / SAAS industry
  • Develop in-depth sales material, investor decks and explanations of their solution alongside visualisations of their AI’s unique process.
  • Activate a LinkedIn Sales Outreach program to drive lead generation.

What we did

The complexity of EmergeGen’s solution and the precise nature of its workings meant that Wildtribe held multiple meetings with the senior team to ensure we understood the nuances of their proprietary technology. 

We honed their messaging for different stakeholders - from the CEO to the CTO and teams - to ensure the unique nature of this groundbreaking technology was communicated clearly. 

Within an incredibly tight timeline, Wildtribe developed:

  • The EmergeGen Brand: using elements of their initial ideation, we rounded out the brand and created a usable brand kit, which was rolled out on their digital assets, as well as the UI of the solution itself 
  • An SEO-optimised site - built on the most responsive and adaptable platform 
  • One-of-a-kind Marketing Assets: creating explainer videos and animations to support customers’ understanding of the EmergeGen solution 

The Outcomes

Brand and Online Launch in a Short Timeline: we developed a robust and modern brand that communicates the credibility and innovation behind the EmergeGen AI solution across their site and socials - and on internal and client assets. 

Strategic and Clear Messaging: a refined value proposition and clarity of messaging even around the more complex aspects of the technology they have created

LinkedIn Sales Outreach: We kicked off our LinkedIn Sales programme to generate leads from within the most significant financial institutions. Morgan & Stanley became the first MQL (marketing qualified lead) in only a few days.

Some headline stats


New Social Media Followers


New Newsletter Subscribers


Is where our blog for 'Commercial GSHP' ranks on Google


New sign-ups to download the ‘Onsite Guide’


New website leads since we starting working together

“EmergeGen is seeking to revolutionise how data is managed and what companies can achieve with it: their ambitions are global and their technology impressive. They needed a tech-savvy team to quickly grasp what they do and communicate it visually and through copy to the world’s leading financial institutions. That’s where Wildtribe stepped up.”

Andy Gibson, Wildtribe Founder