Turning up the Marketing Momentum for Ground Source Heat Pump Design Experts

Genius Energy Lab (GEL) are large-scale ground source heat pump system design experts whose values, working practices, expertise and collaborative team approach make them a force to be reckoned with. And - as a renewable energy marketing agency - they came to us to support their mission.

Genius Energy Lab

What was happening

Genius Energy Lab has grown steadily as a business. The quality of their work and the strength of the business development team have seen them build brilliant relationships on a foundation of well-proven results. However, the organisation was now looking to scale up and grow. They onboarded additional design engineers and deepened investment in processes and systems; now, it was time for a marketing uplift.

The wants:

  • Positioned as the go-to industry experts in ground source heat pumps (GSHPs)
  • Strong marketing foundations to enable brand credibility and authority
  • Performance marketing to support sales with new leads
  • Education of the market to help drive the adoption of GSHP technology

What we did

Wildtribe plugged into the business as a powerful marketing unit, building a close relationship with the company leadership team and sales department. Our ambition in the early stages is to learn as much as possible - to be a 'sponge' - about the business, products, marketplace, customers and competitors.

Only once we have those insights about where you are today can we plot a strategic marketing path to get where you want to be. 

For Genius Energy Lab - as with all Wildtribe clients - we do this in a SOSTAC (situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions, control measures) marketing strategy.

Implementation of the strategy has seen:

  • New Brand: an evolution of the previous well-known brand
  • Marketing Comms: Kickstarted cohesive & consistent communications across social, web and email

  • Website update: Short-term update of new branding and messaging to the current website (before a new website project happens at a later date)
  • Marketing campaign: Producing the ‘Commercial GSHP Onsite Guide’ - a 40+ page industry guide, with associated webinar and complete campaign wrap-up

The Outcomes

Updated Brand: "We look like a REAL company," was the passionate response from leadership on seeing their new brand design, which is modern, credible, and flexible to suit the needs of marketing comms in the 21st century. The new brand has enabled more creative, inspired and engaging marketing communications.

Regular Marketing Communications: Regular, expected and cohesive marketing communications have helped the business build an 'opt-in' email subscriber base of 300 contacts. Achieve 5000+ followers on LinkedIn and list on Google's first page for key search terms.

An Industry-First Marketing Campaign: The combination of an industry-leading whitepaper download and a well-communicated Lunch & Learn webinar event produced 298 attendees and over 140 downloads from decision-makers across the industry. They now have a deeper understanding of GSHP and how Genius Energy Lab can support them.

Some headline stats


New Social Media Followers


New Newsletter Subscribers


Is where our blog for 'Commercial GSHP' ranks on Google


New sign-ups to download the ‘Onsite Guide’


New website leads since we starting working together

"Genius Energy Lab is an incredible team, and we're proud to be a part of their journey. From day one, they've given us all the support, insight and guidance needed to onboard us as, essentially, a marketing department into their business. We've worked closely together to develop a robust approach that serves their business and the sales team's needs in a B2B environment. Excited for what's to come with this brilliant group!"

Andy Gibson, Wildtribe Founder