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The B2B Customer Journey Initiative

Your customer knows where they want to go and how they want to feel when they get there. 


But most B2B customer journeys aren’t living up to expectations.


We want to change that. 


We devised a methodology to gauge the quality of a company’s digital customer journey and applied it to 15 global brands. The results of this B2B customer journey mapping were eye-opening and the insights revelatory - dig in below.

B2B customer journeys are broken: we want to fix them.

90% of B2B customer journeys start with an online search. Your digital customer experience needs to be on-point, but by B2B customer journey mapping, we found this is rarely the case.


We know this, because we've analysed a whole lot of them. 


The result? The 2023 Digital Customer Journey Report.

Digital Customer Journey Report 2023

Stop guessing what your B2B customer journey looks like - and start optimising it! 

Download our Digital Customer Journey Report 2023 for data-driven insights as a result of extensive B2B customer journey mapping.

Digital Customer Journey Report 2023 Download

Why should B2B customer journey mapping matter to me?

We can tell you how your B2B customer journey stacks up against the competition.


Very few brands communicate a strong vision, is your company one of them?

VP of Marketing

Is your online presence consistent, cohesive and unified?

Sales Leaders

Are you seeing enough marketing-qualified leads?

Analysing the five stages of the B2B customer journey (discover, consider, convert, retain, champion)

B2B customer journey mapping, using ‘customer-centric’ marketing philosophies and transparent criteria

The rating system and 200+ hours of audit

Evaluating 22 factors across the journey (each scored out of 10)

Assessing the B2B customer journey with the latest UX/UI and content marketing strategies in mind

Index League Table:

15 brands across: Aerospace, Renewables and Tech

B2B Customer Journey Success Thermometer

  • 6 brands have achieved above 55%

  • 1 brand achieving an ‘A’ rating to date

  • 4 brands below 25% - even though they are $billion revenue companies

Zero in on your B2B Customer Journey

How does your B2B Customer Journey measure up? Discover how our in-house B2B customer journey mapping service could transform your customers’ digital experience.

Elevate your own online customer experience

You’ve seen the stats on others, but how good is your online customer journey? Here’s what you’ll get from our B2B customer journey mapping appraisal.

  • Meticulous mapping: The data that tells the story of your B2B customer journey

  • 1:1 Consultancy: Understand the data and how to act on it

  • Instant Indicator: A tool for ready comparison against other brands


We can tell you how your B2B customer journey stacks up against the competition.

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