Preparing a Leading Installer & Drilling Contractor for the Ground Source Heat Pump Explosion

Onsen Energy is a ground source heat pump (GSHP) borehole drilling and heat pump installation company working directly with end users and through the channel as a specialist subcontractor. 

The ground source heat pump market is on the cusp of exploding in the UK. Onsen Energy needed to elevate its marketing position itself to capitalise on the expected demand.  

Our position as an experienced renewable energy marketing agency made us a natural fit to be their B2B marketing partners.

Onsen Energy

What we did

Onsen Energy has worked hard to develop a reputation as one of the UK's most trusted drilling contractors and build relationships with the country's busiest ground source heat pump installers and designers. 

As they readied themselves for the explosion in renewable energy solutions, Onsen wanted to ensure their brand, communications and marketing strategy aligned with their goals as a business. 

So, they turned to us for support. 

The wants:

  • New marketing foundations to ready the company for growth: an evolved brand identity and a new website
  • Strategic always-on marketing to communicate the business' unique services
  • Education of the market to help drive the adoption of ground source heat pump technology

What we did

Wildtribe rolled up our sleeves and visited the Onsen team at their HQ to fully understand their business, their services - and the equipment they worked with. 

Although we understood elements of the ground source heat pump market, contracting and physically drilling boreholes was another piece of the puzzle, and we wanted to expand our knowledge. 

Our mission with all new clients is to immerse ourselves in their industry's marketplace, ideal customers, and main competitors.  

On a solid foundation of knowledge, we can then plot a course to where the business needs and wants to be. Our process for all our clients is to create a SOSTAC (situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions, control measures) marketing strategy. For our team, the transparency of our actions and the KPIs we want to attain for our clients is essential.  

 Implementation of the SOSTAC strategy for Onsen Energy meant:

  • New Brand: an evolution of the Onsen brand logo and assets. 
  • Website update: An SEO-optimised site - with updated branding, copy and improved user experience and journey 
  • Consistent Marketing Comms: we developed cohesive & regular communications across LinkedIn and aligned to the new website and brand

The Outcomes

New Website:

"From my friends and family to business partners and customers, they're all giving brilliant feedback on the look, feel and clarity of the message the new website offers - I'm thrilled." - Gareth Jones, Onsen MD. 

The company now has an industry-leading online presence that speaks to homeowners and contractors. These are two very separate customer journeys that are now clearly established on a professional and engaging website that nicely represents the company's quality.

Updated Brand Usage: Green, black and grey are the stand-out colours associated with Onsen Energy. As they're used on the drilling rigs, company clothing and sales materials, we couldn't change this too much for the online presence. However, we have evolved the use of these colours, updated the fonts, added iconography, and sharpened the overall look and feel to bring forth a polished-looking business.

Marketing Communications: The company communicates consistently with the market, building awareness and engagement in what the company does, its expertise, values, and people. We're positioning Onsen Energy as the go-to experts for GSHP drilling and system installations.

Some headline stats


New Social Media Followers


New Newsletter Subscribers


Is where our blog for 'Commercial GSHP' ranks on Google


New sign-ups to download the ‘Onsite Guide’


New website leads since we starting working together

"Onsen Energy is a passionate and precise team of experts in their field. Their attention to detail has translated into their marketing - and we have enjoyed learning, with their guidance, about their business. As Onsen readies itself to ride the coming heat pump wave as one of the country's premier drilling contractors, we look forward to expanding their marketing efforts further to establish their position as the industry's forefront thought leaders."

Andy Gibson, Wildtribe Founder