Building a digital identity for a global aviation brand in the cargo market

Avensis Aviation is an innovative disruptor in aviation, delivering passenger-to-freighter conversion solutions to airlines and lessors globally. 

Creating a brand and digital strategy, we used content marketing to elevate their online voice and authority in the industry.

Avensis Aviation

What was happening

Avensis Aviation saw a gap in the market to increase air freighter capacity with a scalable, flexible and reversible approach: their passenger-to-freighter conversion solution was a market disruptor and a first in aviation engineering. 

However, as a new business in a highly competitive industry, the challenge was to establish brand trust, familiarity and communicate their unique air cargo proposition. 

They asked Wildtribe to:

  • Build out branding suitable for a global aerospace player
  • Develop an agile and responsive website with all the elements a B2B business would expect
  • Create and implement a multi-platform digital strategy to support the evolution from start-up to consolidated brand 
  • Deliver consistent performance marketing across email and social media

What we did

Our knowledge of the aviation industry allowed us to quickly identify that Avensis Aviation could become a thought-leader in the passenger-to-freighter (PTF) space. 

We got to work. 

  • We established an authoritative and confident brand voice, and developed an iconic visual identity to match.
  • We built an SEO-optimised site - replete with responsive UX features  - and oversaw its evolution as the company’s suite of solutions grew. 
  • Delivered social communications that drove discovery of and engagement with the brand, alongside monthly email marketing.
  • Deep-dived into the unique aspects of air cargo and aviation engineering - the research enabling us to create thought-provoking and much-anticipated content in the sector.

The Outcomes

Building a digital brand to embody disruptive, agile and pioneering values. 

Avensis Aviation’s stance in the air cargo industry was established by our robust brand ideation and its consistent delivery across all digital touchpoints. 

Maturing a global player from start-up to expansion. 

From a standing start, Avensis Aviation became a well-known industry player with a strong social media presence, email newsletter subscription base and brand identity. 

Delivering precision messaging around complex technology

In an industry where precision matters and in one governed by the tightest of regulations, our content creators became sector-specialists to deliver the technical specificity of Avensis’ solution and speak knowledgeably on the broader context of the challenges in the air cargo sector. 

Some headline stats


New Social Media Followers


New Newsletter Subscribers


Is where our blog for 'Commercial GSHP' ranks on Google


New sign-ups to download the ‘Onsite Guide’


New website leads since we starting working together

“Working on the Avensis Aviation account was a gear-change for our agency - showcasing our ability to step up to represent an internationally respected aviation player. We bedded in with the organisation to effectively become their marketing department. The learnings from the duration and depth of our work on this account, was the foundation of our now expansive aerospace marketing specialism.”

Andy Gibson, Wildtribe Founder