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Why you should be using a Lead Magnet

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

You may have developed the most attractive marketing campaign and have the best product and service to draw visitors to your website. BUT the fact is, that only a handful will be ready to purchase or click your direct CTA at that time. So what happens to those who want more thinking time - well, most websites just let those visitors drift away, seconds later their minds have been infiltrated with noise from other marketing campaigns to never come past your site again.

Don’t wait for the dust to settle on your campaign. Instead, develop a middle ground for the customers who are not quite ready to commit. That’s where lead magnets come in. Roughly 50% of marketers use lead magnets to capture emails, 40% don’t use them, and about 10% don’t know what they are or aren’t (Hubspot). If your marketing campaigns are struggling to translate growth, revenue or conversions, you need one, if not multiple, effective lead magnets.

We will walk you through what a lead magnet is and why you should be using them.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Most marketers will agree that lead magnets are a powerful way to capture sales leads. A lead magnet compels site visitors or potential customers to exchange information for access. Once captured, the content it provides will drive awareness to further visitors’ on their brand journey, engage them with your product or service and remind them you have a solution to their problem.

The pull for exchanging information, in return for your content, is a form of a transitional call to action. By offering something your audience is interested in, you use a CTA to encourage them to ‘sign up’ or ‘request a free consultation’. In doing so, they enter a transaction of information. Once captured, your content will drive engagement and direct the lead through your marketing funnel. This is valuable for your marketing campaign - providing insight to your audience and their interaction with your content.

Types of Lead Magnets

A selection of lead magnets can benefit both your visitors and your business. A lead magnet can appear as:

  • Downloadable content (brochure, catalogue, guides etc)

  • Incentives such as giveaways or discounts when signing up

  • Free consultations

  • Checklists

  • Top 5

  • Competitions

Choosing your lead magnet depends on the type of product or service you are offering. Ultimately, your customer wants to be engaged, educated and enlightened. How can you achieve this in a lead magnet?

Example #1

A customer is researching new housing developments - they’re a first-time buyer - but they’re tentative and unsure. They enter a site and want to learn more. This is where the lead magnet comes in - “Download our brochure” or “Join our mailing list for new homes near you” - instantly provides the user support and a solution.

Example #2 Another example is a clothing website that wants to entice its audience by offering discounts or sale codes. This simultaneously captures leads and subsequent conversions. A lead magnet might appear in the form of “Sign up to our newsletter for 20% off your next purchase” - well worth the exchange of their email address.

You want to follow your customer through their buyer journey with any strong marketing campaign. From initial awareness to enlightenment and finally, commitment. Lead magnets act as bargaining power for your business, encouraging the more ambivalent visitors to be invited in and learn more at their own pace.

Nurture Email Campaign Follow-up

So, you have plugged a lead magnet into your site and captured your audience, what next? It’s time to nurture that relationship. Start dripping information to your customers about how you can solve their problems and offer continuing value to their lives. Nurture campaigns are vital because most customers don’t want to buy your product or service straight away.

Emailing your customers should provide value, trust and legitimacy - while relating to their problems and reminding them you have a solution. When building your email nurture campaign, does it:

  1. Solve a problem

  2. Offer value

  3. Remind them you have a solution

  4. Direct your customers to your website or social channels

If your answer to any of the above is no, return to your email and start building content that covers these basics. Ultimately, your customer wants to know you can solve their problems and be enlightened by your brand, personality and relatability.


Looking for a way to capture more of the traffic that lands on your website - develop a lead magnet and email nurture campaign. You can have multiple lead magnets for your different services, products or industries. You don’t need to stop at one!

As a digital marketing agency, we build lead magnets to capture new leads across our client base. Even our own website includes a lead magnet to introduce new prospects to how we can solve their digital marketing problems. Through the user journey of our lead magnet, we can offer holistic, uncomplicated solutions, while nurturing leads and building relationships.

Want to check out our lead magnet? Find it here:

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