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How to WIN at Digital Marketing

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Do you want to grow your online audience, leads and sales conversions? Most people do, it’s a no brainer of course, but achieving it is a different story. Too often we witness marketing with ‘all the smoke’ but no fire.

In short, lots going on without any strategy to pull it all together. Or the age old problem for many businesses, simply not enough time to correctly strategise and execute.

The result is the same - ineffective and disjointed efforts with meandering results that get nowhere. Frustration for both you and the watching audience is palpable. You want things to improve, why wouldn’t you, but the digital marketing world is a jungle trying to tie you in knots.

So let’s get this sorted and we don’t mean this lightly, it’s not a click of the fingers kind of job, but here is how we get to work:

  1. Brand strategy - market research, value proposition, tone of voice, messaging structure

  2. Digital strategy - the customer relationship funnel

  3. Execute - across a multi-platform approach (social, email, blogging, website optimisation)

  4. Analyse and Optimise - report, review and sharpen

Our approach to all of this is centred around something we call holistic digital marketing and you can download our ‘playbook’ that walks you through this. But simply put, holistic digital marketing considers your entire approach from start to finish. Looking at social marketing or email, your website or copywriting in isolation brings inconsistencies for your customers.

If an agency is recruited for ad management only or an in-house person brought in to deliver organic social, what happens to the rest of the digital marketing toolkit and strategy?

Ensuring that your value proposition, tone of voice, marketing message and visual brand identity are completely in harmony with your business is essential. Then delivering it consistently and cohesively across the digital marketing tool-kit is marketing made simple - an effective, powerful and predictable approach to winning online.

We know you'd love to go the ‘whole-hog’, throw tons of budget at this and get results. But we also know, you need to apply a logical, progressive and sustainable approach to budget allocation. After all, there is no magic pill, digital marketing is about delivering great marketing consistently and building over time.

So with that in mind, we’ve created three products that should suit most clients we bump into. These products help you scale and as you succeed we can elevate you to the next level.

Without further ado - please meet:

Essentials: £1495 +vat

  • Never worked with a digital marketing agency before?

  • Need to stamp a presence into the online world?

  • Prove the online space can help your business succeed

The essentials is the perfect place for a small business to launch their digital presence, test marketing messaging and approaches, and most importantly, prove that online can work for their business.

Power Up: £2495 +vat

  • You’ve seen success and now want more

  • Let’s take things to the next level

  • Bang down that door

You’ve had some success through the online channels and created a small, but loyal community and you are ready to light things up further.

The Full Works: £4295 +vat

  • We are established, we are firing on all cylinders

  • But, we aren’t squeezing all the juice out of the lemon

  • And want to maximise our approach to the digital world

‘No Holds Barred’ - if you’re moving through the gears or already well established The Full Works product will help you strengthen your online voice, maximise your online community, drive leads and sales conversions. Let’s do this!

What do I need to know about your products?

One of the most important aspects of Holistic Digital Marketing is the *customer centric approach and to us this means we consider each stage of the customer relationship journey within your digital marketing. Two things, one… your customer relationship journey is:

  • Discover

  • Enlighten

  • Convert

  • Retain

  • Champion

The second… we need to combine the full digital tool-kit (social, emails, blog, website) into a cohesive approach if we are going to correctly speak to each of these stages. What this means for us, is that our products (essentials, power-up, the full works) each address all of these stages using the full digital tool-kit.

To succeed online brands can't allow for links in the chain to be broken. For example, there could be excellent social marketing being delivered, but if the website messaging isn't up to scratch, your traffic wont convert. So quickly, you can see, a holistic approach is needed and that’s what each of our products achieve.

The difference in our products is the depth and diversity of communication and community interaction across the digital tool-kit.

Thank you for staying with me until this point, we are nearing the end. Final thoughts, marketing can meander without correct strategy, execution and time. It'll stifle online success and business growth. Let’s get you back on track, aboard the train to success, we’ve been doing it for brands all through our career and we know what we are doing.

Book a call today and let’s get started, there’s no time to waste.

*Customer-centric marketing is an approach to marketing that prioritises customers' needs and interests in all decisions related to advertising, selling, and promoting products and services

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