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Has Your Audience Fallen Asleep?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

An engaged audience is central to driving conversion rates and revenue for businesses. Have you noticed a slowdown in leads or sales coming into the business? Your audience may have fallen asleep. It can be tricky to analyse where your marketing efforts might be getting misplaced; from struggling to build effective messaging or delivering to the wrong social channels. How can you gain the attention of your audience and what do you need to do to keep it?

  • What problems might this be causing you?

A passive audience is an integral problem for your business. If you are experiencing a downturn in customer acquisition or short-lived customer retention, signals such as decreasing content impressions and engagement stats could tell you that your content is causing you problems. And so, if you apply an outdated or now disjointed content approach, it could easily trigger a downward spiral with your marketing. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to fixing this issue, but there is a clear approach you can take to move in the right direction.

  • How can you tell if your audience has tuned out?

It’s never a good sign if someone zones out of a conversation, so don’t allow your audience to lose interest in yours. There are lots of clever ways to keep intrigue and brand engagement, but let’s start with how to identify a drop in marketing success:

  • Engagement statistics = Email open rates dropping or the like button not getting hit?

  • Click-throughs = Web traffic dropping from marketing efforts?

  • Comments = Low audience conversations

  • Impressions / Reach = Low displays and subsequent views

  • Website = Poor retention rates with website traffic

First step, look closely at your data. Keep up to date with your content engagement post-publish, this will help you track what went well and what needs improvement.

Creating and maintaining value for the customer is vital. Relate to a customer’s problems and in turn provide a clear concise solution to resolve pain. If you have captured the attention of your customer, how do you call them into action with a simple and clear plan?

  • 7 point checklist for your content strategy

To help, we have a useful 7 point checklist for getting your content strategy back on track:

1. Audit your current approach If you aren’t assessing your results how do you know what’s working?

2. Research your audience Audiences change all the time, are you changing with them?

3. Research your competitors Do you understand industry insights to stay ahead of the game?

4. Define your values, messaging and tone of voice Uncomplicated values, clear concise messaging and a consistent tone of voice to create trust and legitimacy. Is this explicit for your audience?

5. Create your content buckets to convey your message Does your content help you to be discovered, educate and enlighten your audience and finally help to convert them into a customer?

6. Develop a content calendar to organise your approach Have you taken the time to structure your marketing efforts?

7. Building your content Ready to get started?

  • To Summarise

We understand time constraints or chaotic calendars might not leave much room for levelling up your content strategy and marketing efforts in-house.

Book a free 30 minute ‘holistic digital marketing’ session today or download our latest guide, ‘5 Step Plan to transform your business with holistic digital marketing'.

Start driving greater revenues across your business with marketing that works.

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