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Digital Marketing in Renewable Energy

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The pace of change within the renewables sector has always been fast

Whether it be technological advancements, change in the geopolitical landscape, government policy or energy prices. The landscape rarely sits still. What does this mean for your marketing? Well it can be difficult to formulate a clear brand and digital marketing strategy to nurture, engage and convert online audiences. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t.

Wildtribe is a specialist digital marketing agency - here's why

Experienced in building online communities and taking them through a customer relationship journey. But more than this, we’ve taken steps to up-skill our team in the following areas:

  • Energy management and conservation

  • Renewable energy financial and project management

  • Electrics in Renewables

  • The breadth of renewable solutions including solar thermal, PV, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen and biomass

  • Energy storage solutions

We’ve undertaken our education with the Renewable Energy Institute and hold their Galileo Masters Accreditation in Renewable Energy Solutions certification which in total is an 18 month intensive course on renewable solutions. We don’t claim to be renewable experts, but are well informed on the latest solutions, methods and approaches to enable us to speak with confidence on the key topics at hand.

Our aim

Is to help organisations in the energy, renewables and sustainability sectors to communicate in a stronger way with key stakeholders. Due to the pace of change, those who don’t live and breathe renewables are often quickly left behind with what is possible. Knowledge, understanding and engagement is key to the sustainable energy transition for both governments, businesses and consumers. Let us help light a green flame online for your organisation and help drive the green energy movement.

We keep things simple - here is how we work:

  • Develop your Brand strategy - market research, value proposition, tone of voice, messaging structure

  • Develop your Digital strategy - the customer relationship funnel

  • Execute - across a multi-platform approach (social, email, blogging, website optimisation)

  • Analyse and Optimise - report, review and sharpen

We’ve created a marketing methodology that’s effective and works well, we call it Holistic Digital Marketing and you can download our full guide via our home page.

Our digital marketing products:

Essentials: £1495 +vat

  • Never worked with a digital marketing agency before?

  • Need to stamp a presence into the online world?

  • Prove the online space can help your business succeed

The essentials is the perfect place for a small business to launch their digital presence, test marketing messaging and approaches, and most importantly, prove that online can work for their business.

Power Up: £2495 +vat

  • You’ve seen success and now want more

  • Let’s take things to the next level

  • Bang down that door

You’ve had some success through the online channels and you are ready to move things on a notch.

The Full Works: £4295 +vat

  • We are established, we are firing on all cylinders

  • But, we aren’t squeezing all the juice out of the lemon

  • And want to maximise our approach to the digital world

‘No Holds Barred’ - if you’re moving through the gears or already well established The Full Works product will help you strengthen your online voice, maximise your online community, drive leads and sales conversions. Let’s do this!

If you would like to talk about digital marketing for your business please do get in touch - you can drop us an email to alternatively schedule a 15 minute initial engagement call via the button below.

Grow, nurture and convert online

audiences with Wildtribe

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