Digital Marketing in Aviation - 2022

As an experienced aviation marketing agency, we have brought together an industry whitepaper to answer the question.

In 2020, the disruptive force of the global pandemic on the aviation industry saw a 65.9% reduction in passenger traffic and fleets grounded around the world (IATA, 2021). Yet, the requirement for cargo aircraft surged due to a 25% increase in eCommerce sales. Aside from demand, pressure continues to grow to achieve environmental targets, especially with the recent COP 26 conference. And last, but not least is the ever-present need to attract skilful and talented workforces into the sector to continue driving its evolution.

There is a leap in innovation and approach to be attained. We are at a critical point in time for the aviation sector. If you need an effective, uncomplicated and proven approach to digital marketing for aviation, then our market guide is a great place to start.

The agenda includes:

1) Digital marketing transformation for Aviation

2) Essential trends in an evolving market

3) The topic of conversation

4) The digital marketing toolkit

5) The future of aviation marketing

6) Sentiment across the industry

7) Holistic Marketing

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