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Ai Marketing Paradigm Shift

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Artificial Intelligence industry faces the same challenge as Charles Darwin. Showing people evolution is real and current beliefs, which have shaped the pillars of life, could be about to change. This article isn’t to discuss the evolutionary vs creation theories. But instead to compare the struggles scientists have had over the generations with bringing society round to the concept of evolution with the challenge AI software developers are facing or are soon to face.

The importance of liking Ai

Human psychologists have posed the thought that scientists haven’t helped society to ‘like’ the evolutionary theory. After all, the creation theory brings hope that there is a greater power looking down from above and that once our time comes to an end, we’ll be judged and could end up in an eternal heaven.

Evolutionary theory promises no such thing, instead it in some way discounts the notion of religion. Although in his final book (Brief Answers to Big Questions) Stephen Hawking doesn’t rule out the creation theory being the cause of the ‘big bang’. But, it still left scientists with a problem, how to get society to like and connect with evolutionary theory.

To begin with a lot of scientific language was used, not at all connecting with communities outside the scientific world. Evolution also doesn’t come with beautiful churches, cathedrals or temples to worship, you could rightly argue the great outdoors is our temple. The message of God is delivered through holy voices who many cherish and respect deeply. All in all, it’s thought ‘likability’ stood in the face of reason, logic and scientific evidence.

How does the AI industry help business communities not only accept a technology revolution, but embrace and enjoy it. Our latest case study for Blue Strawberry outlines our approach to marketing in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

The objective for Blue Strawberry Ai

As with any business when it comes to digital marketing, the aim is to grow your online community, turn those interested eyes into leads and convert to customers. But first, Blue Strawberry needed to take a step back and re-evaluate the value proposition to help prospects really connect, understand and importantly LIKE their solution.

Following a re-carving of the brand strategy and the melding of a stronger digital marketing strategy the aim would be to execute and test the messaging across organic online platforms. Combining email and social into a united communication tool to deliver the new gospel.

How to solve the Ai marketing challenge?

All the smoke and no fire - a lot going on but without a cohesive brand strategy to pull it all together. Followed by a value proposition that only took them halfway. As can be the case with innovation, the marketing message often focuses on the external benefits. The efficiency increase, the revenue driver, money saving, all of which are external and yes, do connect, but only 50% of the way.

To fully connect, innovation needs to go further and understand that purchasing is emotionally driven. We once again stumble into the ‘likeability’ conundrum faced by scientists. Developing a clear understanding of the problem being solved, is the best starting point… so we always start with identifying the following:

  1. Cause or villain:

  2. External problem:

  3. Internal (emotional) problem:

  4. Philosophical problem:

Once you understand these areas, then you can understand how to position your solution to connect on an emotional level with your customers.

The Holistic Digital Marketing Solution

Wildtribe deploys an approach called Holistic Digital Marketing and you can download our playbook to really see beneath the hood via our home page. But, in short, as the word holistic suggests, we take an all encompassing approach to delivering digital marketing for our clients.

We got to work for Blue Strawberry like this:

  • Brand strategy - market research, value proposition, tone of voice, messaging structure

  • Digital strategy - the customer relationship funnel

  • Execute - across a multi-platform approach (social, email, blogging, website optimisation)

  • Analyse and Optimise - report, review and sharpen

Working with Wildtribe is transparent, understandable and effective. We’ve developed three digital marketing packages that scale with the success of our clients and these are shown below:


  • Never worked with a digital marketing agency before?

  • Need to stamp a presence into the online world?

  • Prove the online space can help your business succeed

The essentials is the perfect place for a small business to launch their digital presence, test marketing messaging and approaches, and most importantly, prove that online can work for their business.

Power Up:

  • You’ve seen success and now want more

  • Let’s take things to the next level

  • Bang down that door

You’ve had some success through the online channels and created a small, but loyal community and you are ready to light things up further.

The Full Works:

  • We are established, we are firing on all cylinders

  • But, we aren’t squeezing all the juice out of the lemon

  • And want to maximise our approach to the digital world

‘No Holds Barred’ - if you’re moving through the gears or already well established The Full Works product will help you strengthen your online voice, maximise your online community, drive leads and sales conversions. Let’s do this!

Cohesive, unified and elevated approach

Blue Strawberry has a brand strategy and digital marketing strategy that sits in harmony with their business, its prospects, customers and industry as a whole. The Chief Executive Officer, investors and the team are unified and motivated by the evolved approach which is now being delivered full steam ahead across their online channels.

Early indications from email open and CTR rates show a stronger connection with their marketing, which is now focused on speaking on an external, internal and philosophical level. We expect the upturn in engagement and results to continue as the customer relationship journey (discover, enlighten, convert, retain and champion) is optimised.

An important evaluation from our strategy work - humanising the Ai can help with reducing the technical language used to explain its functionality. Although this might seem obvious to some, to others it can be extremely difficult to simplify the messaging on what are often very intellectual and pioneering innovations.

If you would like to discuss digital marketing for your business,

we’d love to talk.

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