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£2 million in revenue with an e-Commerce Dog Food brand. engaged Wildtribe as a pet marketing agency with experience in driving online engagement and sales conversions. Here is a quick success story to get your teeth into. Wolfworthy chews down on a valuable area in the natural dog food market. As a small business, they didn’t have the time to build consistent content and communicate to their audience regularly. We implemented our holistic digital marketing methodologies and supported Wolfworthy in achieving its revenue goals before the end of 2021.


Wolfworthy launched as a new B2C organisation, initially reacting to their personal need for a balanced dog food diet. As a new company within the pet food sector, Wolfworthy’s challenge was an overly saturated market. They needed a trusted pet marketing agency to take the reins of their digital marketing. We helped them to:


  • Create greater bandwidth to grow their business by handing off marketing to a trusted and experienced team who provide a wholly encompassing holistic service

  • Create a cohesive, consistent and effective multi-platform approach to digital marketing that combined organic social media, ad management and email marketing

Brand & digital marketing strategy

Wolfworthy understood that a small business can be stretched too thin - especially if its owners try too hard to be an expert in everything. With little available time to create a cohesive and consistent approach to digital marketing, their solution was sourcing out of house help. They chose Wildtribe as a specialist pet marketing agency to take that weight and evolve their marketing strategy. We took this challenge and achieved a stronger digital strategy by:

  • Implementing Facebook ads across their social channels to heighten engagement to both pre-existing and potential customers

  • Our team monitored valuable insights and analytics to be responsive to our audience and their needs

  • We developed an effective content strategy with supportive, useful and interactive content. Using a wise, friendly and thoughtful tone of voice, we ensured our digital content consistently focussed on dogs, their owners and our topics remained rooted in how it can support them

  • Updated social outreach with stronger email marketing touchpoints and revitalised the email marketing templates to convey its new branding

  • We are now embarking on a full website redesign to bring continuity to Wolfworthy’s entire digital platform

Check out Wolfworthy here:

Email marketing

Wolfworthy’s email marketing obstacle was an outdated brand style. With that and insufficient time to regularly communicate with their email subscriber database, they were not able to utilise one of the most effective digital audience touchpoints. 


Email marketing offers a dynamic platform for reaching current audience members: In 2019, there were 3.9 billion email users. In 2024 this number is expected to increase to 4.48 billion email users. With this knowledge, our team implemented a strong marketing methodology:

  • Created evergreen email templates for consistent and responsive monthly newsletters, as per our branding strategy

  • Utilised our growing content bank for email domain use

  • Offered supportive posts, blogs and information for our ‘Wolf Pack’ 

  • Encouraged an increase in ‘Subscribe & Save’ customers with incentives such as a free treat ball or discount codes

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns require investment, time and resources to create rich content. Wolfworthy’s challenge was remaining consistent and up to date with the latest ad strategies. They trusted our team to design valuable ad content in line with our structured marketing funnel. To implement a strong ad campaign we:


  • Set up a marketing funnel with top, middle and bottom ad campaigns directed towards prospective, interested and converted customer types

  • Published consistent ad campaigns frequently

  • Tracked ad campaign performance to evaluate marketing efforts and audience responsiveness

  • Refreshed ad creations across the marketing funnel to avoid stagnation 

The result

Wolfworthy reached their initial goal and achieved £2 million revenue by the end of 2021. Using our strategy, they have established strong social outreach with organic content rooted in supporting the customer. 


With a dedicated pet marketing agency behind them, Wolfworthy are now looking ahead: In 2022, they aim to create new products to expand their consumer choice and are embarking on a full website creation process. Our team is ready to step up Wolfworthy’s website to reflect their now growing social media presence and build an even stronger user base. We can’t wait to get our paws on this!


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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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