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Securing 300K investment by rapidly growing a member base

GetDoorway.com created an innovative digital business card to seamlessly share your contact details. They needed to develop a streamlined brand and a route to rapidly growing a base of members. The rate at which we enabled both elements helped to secure £300K of investment within 3 months of our engagement. 



When Doorway engaged with WildTribe they had a brilliant concept product, the digital business card. The development of the BETA version was still in the works, but soon to be completed. The team needed to develop a streamlined brand to support the look and feel of the website and a effective advertising campaign to rapidly grow their member database. Within a short 3 month period we needed to enable both areas to help the founders strengthen their proposition to potential investors.

Digital strategy

We began the branding and digital marketing journey with a market research phase. Quickly establishing trends and styles for new tech brands involved with either finance, data sharing or integrations. These sectors fit nicely with the type of business Doorway were aligning against. We mapped Doorway to a number of sliding scales and matrixes to lock-in on the values, messaging and tone of voice before developing creative concepts. 

Throughout the process, regular communication either through Slack or video calls helped to keep the Doorway team in the loop with progress.


As Doorway was in its infancy the brand hadn't yet been developed. And although the budgets were tight and wouldn't fund a full branding project, they needed something to have an identity. WildTribe developed a streamlined digital brand to suit Doorway and its target marketing. Evolving the brand logo, typeface, icon set and illustrations. These enabled a clear and consistent identity for the business on their website and throughout marketing efforts.

Ad campaigns

The crux of the challenge was to rapidly grow Doorways member database. The rate of growth and volume of new users would contribute to the value associated to the business when meeting with investors. And so, instead of distributing funds across the full digital marketing mix, we focused all energy on developing a strong and effective ad funnel across social media. 

The target personas were researched and drawn-up before we moved into developing the structure for the ad campaigns and finally the creatives for the ad-sets. These were launched with close management to optmise the results throughout a 2 month period.

The result

The combination of a strong brand identity with an optimised ad campaign helped deliver an incredible 8% conversion ratio of web visits to new members. Concise targeting and effective messaging-enabled the rapid member growth. As a whole, both the brilliance of Doorway as a company and the marketing efforts involved created a strong appeal for investors and before the close of our first 3 months phase the founders had secured a £300K investment.​

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