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Re-launching the second oldest Swiss watch brand to the luxury market

Favre-Leuba are the second oldest Swiss watch brand, however, because of a recent dormant tenure, their market awareness had been lost. We reinvented their brand identity, tone of voice and messaging to connect with a contemporary audience. Developing a 360 service spanning 3 continents.


The full social marketing suite

Favre-Leuba, based in Switzerland had re-launched the historic watch brand with a small team of watchmakers, internal operations and head of marketing. The brand needed to rapidly grow its exposure and develop an identity to match the watches they were making and their target audience. 

WildTribe partnered with Favre-Leuba to deliver a complete 360 social marketing solution covering:


Content Creation

Community Engagement

Influencer Management

Paid Ads

Social Event Management

SEO & Blog

360 Marketing Campaigns

As well as supporting wider on and offline marketing campaigns. If you'd like to dive into those individual sections, read on...


Social strategy

WildTribe were tasked with building a strong and creative social strategy to communicate the values of the brand with an authentic tone. As a historic brand with strong traditions of innovation, pioneering engineering and Swiss quality our voice and content needed to evoke these connotations.


We needed to consider how we could convey the brand identity and messaging of #TrustYourself in a way that connected deeply with contemporary watch enthusiasts. Our agenda as always with social strategies is creating a clear roadmap and strong models to develop brand awareness, deepen engagement and ultimately supporting sales conversions from digital marketing efforts.

The ever-changing world of social media needs someone who is willing to truly partner with you on the brand and go the extra mile. This is what I found with WildTribe.

Reema Vazirani

Content Creation

The combination of traditional watch photography, market research and creative thinking supported in developing a clear style and methodology to building content that spoke with true authenticity and absolute quality. Our processes were rigorous, it would see our team evolve photography shoot concepts into precise plans with options on locations, models, outfits, image styles and connotations, mood board examples and more.


Followed by thorough art-direction plans to guide both videography and photography requirements on the day of each shoot. These would cover everything from shot-list, shot technicalities and expectations on post-production.


The execution of shoots would be managed, shot and post-produced by WildTribe and photographers within the WildTribe extended network of professional creators.


Community Engagement

Favre-Leuba was established in 1737 and so naturally has a dedicated base of brand enthusiasts. We looked to tap into this community by encouraging the use of #FavreLeuba and engaging them where possible across the social channels. Q&A sessions with the brand CEO and Ambassadors provided a great platform for brand enthusiasts to interact with the company.


Our approach looked to hero our watch owners by showcasing their historic and new Favre-Leuba timepieces in social activations. These methods helped to grow user-generated content immensely and ultimately expand the reach of the brand.


Influencer Management

Well-coordinated influencer programmes helped to amplify the message of the brand and introduce untapped audiences to Favre-Leuba watches. Our team researched, communicated and established strong relationships with brand influencers who became key voices for the company.


Our strategy ensured Favre-Leuba watches reached outdoor, men’s fashion, watch enthusiast and luxury audiences by working closely with hand-picked content creators in these markets. Highlights included Favre-Leuba watches making an appearance on red carpets at Cannes Film Festivals, The Baftas and the Oscars. As well as being worn in the North/South Poles, Everest and K2.


Paid Ads

Although Favre-Leuba had been established since 1737, the brand was dormant from the early 90’s until roughly 2017 when it was purchased by Titan (the watch arm of Tata Group). The dormant period left a generation of watch enthusiasts unaware of the historic and renowned brand. Therefore our paid advertising funnel needed to establish an awareness of the brand, educate and engage audiences, and finally drive sales conversions. By utilising clear content strategies we were able to catch the attention of watch enthusiast audiences, bring them on a journey evolving their knowledge and intrigue and finally harness social conversion methods to drive sales.


Social Event Management

In pre-covid times, brand events were essential activations to further establish brand awareness. Favre-Leuba took part in celebrity, competition-based and exhibition-style events. All of which would need support in organising influencer involvement, social exposure and content creation. Our team would develop plans to guide the efforts across these events. In some cases, our team would be present to live stream events and build event-based content to be used by the press, brand PR and in future social posting.


SEO & Blog

Building depth to the content was essential and utilising blog articles was a successful method that helped to further convey the value proposition of the brand and build essential SEO performance. The research and development of articles that would engage and trend among watch and outdoor enthusiasts become a monthly task our copywriting team would undertake.


We developed articles that spoke to the historic roots of the brand forming in Le-Locle, Switzerland. Furthermore, technical and documentary-style content was written to showcase the innovative nature of Favre-Leuba watches. 


A 360 Marketing Campaign

WildTribe were commissioned to develop a digital and out of home (OOH) campaign to establish the ‘Swissness’ of Favre-Leuba and build a highly engaging Christmas campaign. Our Higher, Deeper, Further campaign was selected above three other leading agencies and launched across key Swiss cities including Geneva and Zurich. The full campaign including artwork developed by our team showcased across train stations, city centres and across digital channels.


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