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Aviation Marketing Agency - the success story.

aviation marketing agency - the success story

The Aviation marketing agency with an innovation mindset

The fourth industrial revolution has brought rapid change across the globe. It continues to evolve the technologies we use, organisational operations, and mega-trends in both social and business communities. We see this change first-hand as an aviation marketing agency.


The explosion of change has seen aviation sectors and sub-sectors proliferate, from the development of e-VTOL aircraft to a range of digital transformation providers bespoke to aerospace, disruptive firms developing AR/VR technologies to improve MRO capabilities, drone technology, vertiports, the list goes on. 

But what does this mean for your aviation business? The explosion of innovation and technological advancement means that more than ever before, you're fighting to appeal to a time-poor, overwhelmed and often untrusting audience. This is no easy feat - and it’s why you need an experienced and trusted aviation marketing agency with an innovation mindset on your side.


Keep reading below for an insightful case study on how our digital marketing efforts helped to enable the growth of a new innovative aviation business. In little under 2 years, Avensis Aviation has grown from a handful of experts to a team spanning 40+ employees with an excellent client base.


Avensis Aviation launched in 2020 as a new B2B organisation reacting to the changing demands in the aerospace sector. As thousands of passenger planes sat idle the demand for air freighter cargo planes soared. Avensis Aviation sought to solve the industry challenge of rapidly needing to increase air freighter capacity across the sector with a scalable, flexible and reversible approach.

However, as a new business in a highly competitive industry with well-established organisations, it would be a challenge to capture the eyes of the market. As an aviation marketing agency, the Wildtribe team was brought on board to build and execute a digital marketing strategy to enable rapid and impactful brand awareness growth.

Brand & Digital strategy

Through workshops, consultancy sessions and using marketing expertise, we developed the mission statement, audience mapping, value proposition and messaging structure to align the brand thinking. Followed by tone of voice and brand personality mapping, we created a digital brand to embody disruptive, agile and pioneering values of Avensis Aviation. 

The next step was to develop a strong digital strategy involving the development of a new business website, SEO optimisation and a content marketing plan to be delivered across LinkedIn, email marketing and blogging activities. 

Check out Avensis Aviation here:

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Website creation

As an engineering organisation, the website needed to be informative and clear, but ensure it spoke to the core values of the business. Using a wireframe, we collaborated with the Avensis team to shape the content blocks, the hierarchy of messaging, user journey and SEO considerations.


We then developed the design of the website using bold brand colours, iconography and strong imagery, but also implementing animated features such as parallax scrolling. Email sign-up integration was added to capture potential customer details and onboard them onto a monthly newsletter. The website was fully tested across mobile, tablet and desktop devices to ensure responsive elements aligned correctly.


Finally, speed testing on all popular browsers.

Social outreach

In the modern marketing environment, a business's digital identity is its most valuable asset. But being scared of using it and worried about the consequences can see traditional businesses gather dust and fall away from the conversation. After much industry research, tone of voice strategizing and content strategy development, our team launched a confident, engaging and importantly ‘active’ social presence to LinkedIn and Twitter for Avensis.


We paid special attention to key activations and amplified their impact, delivered visually eye-catching posts which act as ‘scrolling interrupters’ and ensured our topics aligned well with our audience. We continue to develop, evolve and execute a well-oiled social media strategy for Avensis today.

Email marketing

Email stats in 2020 showed there are 3.9 billion users worldwide, compared to 3.2 billion on social. I use this stat to reinforce the importance of both marketing outlets for communication.


As a disruptive, young and pioneering organisation, Avensis has great intellectual insight many want to know. And email marketing is the perfect place to convey their voice. Social allows for light-touch engagement, brief moments of consideration and interaction where you can build momentum and a ‘social hum’ in your sector. Whereas email marketing can capture your audience's attention in a more focused way, they apply more thought and often navigate from your email onto your website or microsites. 

Talking to your prospects on multiple platforms deepens your engagement and creates a far greater opportunity for them to convert into clients.

The result

From a relative standing start, Avensis Aviation has established a strong social media presence and email newsletter subscription base. Website enquiries from potential clients and aviation media have been frequent and as a result, the business is in a strong position with a growing customer base moving through 2022.


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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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Tel: 123-456-7890

Fax: 123-456-7890


Tel: 123-456-7890

Fax: 123-456-7890

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